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ENGN SERVICES – creativity meets technology.






When the ideal technology ensures that processes are running correctly and the right content appears at the right spot, we can attend to the creative part. Because the head is suddenly clear. Not just yours, but your employees’ as well – and ours, too. Some creative director of a typical agency would roll their eyes. Creative concepts should suddenly work across channels. As before, the idea counts, but how the idea works on different channels is also important. Sometimes, this is a bit complicated which is why we help. Together with you we make your brand and topics to be experienced on all channels.



The content should be exciting, not boring. Maybe it should tell a story, definitely reach the customer or even the entire target group. Ideally consistently on all channels. In the end, the worm must attract the fish, not the fisherman. The technology works, the content sometimes causes problems – texts don’t fit due to the tonality, they are too long or simply boring. At this point we offer first aid – also second and third aid. With our range of copywriters, editors, conceptioners, producers and art directors we make your content presentable for all channels. We split texts into building blocks, turn complicated into comprehensible, retouch pictures or create infographics.



The processes are defined, the systems ready for takeoff. Now it’s time to roll up the sleeves to migrate content and information into a new or optimised landscape. We support you in the implementation and the creative adaption of your content. However, we are happy to stay on board after the process and take over the ongoing maintenance and adjustment.


What can we do for you?

We particularly like to solve problems in marketing and communication of companies. Such projects are usually complex – and this is what makes them so exciting and challenging. We are also on the spot if an agency experiences data chaos and misses the customer for the content.


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