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ENGN CONSULTING – not rocket science.

If something goes wrong in marketing, ENGN Consulting helps you to fix it. We take care of steering your processes in the right direction or bringing your data chaos into order. When things go well in marketing, ENGN Consulting may help as well. Maybe we can make sure that everything goes a little better than before – more efficient or a bit cheaper.




All of our projects begin with an analysis phase. Because before we change something, we want to know exactly what’s the matter. Where does the data for marketing publications come from? Who edits the data and what is done to it? Where is it stored and where does it end up? And who actually takes care of the website and the brochures? This is how data, processes or structures are documented and then analysed in various small steps.



As soon as we know exactly what the status quo looks like, the mental work starts. In spite of all our affection to high tech, an exact and appropriate strategy is the most important factor for a successful technology project. The more we think about how it works best in the future, the easier it will be in the end. At least that’s what our experience says.

No matter if it’s the sketchpad or the coaster: Thousands of possibilities are considered, tested, discarded and rethought. During a long and close consultation between you and us everything is coordinated in detail. When everything is right, works and liked, the programming begins.


Technology in marketing should be a practical work instrument for users. On the other side it should also be a powerful tool. Squareness of the circle – easy to use and yet almighty. We make sure that you find the right tool which covers all needs and is easy to use. And we ensure the software is up and running, including all data.

Media Asset Management systems are such tools. This is where all marketing data is stored and managed – be it texts, pictures, videos or technical data. The best systems supply various communication channels with this data. The website and online shop for example are directly integrated into the system. Catalogues, prospects and price lists can be produced almost fully automatically via a graphics server. Facebook posts are coming from the software and user comments are stored there. Marketing technology at its best.


The software is running, an impressive project is coming to an end. Everything has been done correctly. Now it’s time for transformation – the goodbye from the proven, from the complicated and difficult. The move in a new direction – it’s getting serious. Whatever was vague theory before is suddenly black on white reality. This is where first resistance begins to rise. With great dedication we tackle one of the biggest lessons: involve all the employees and colleagues and make the unknown to a matter of fact. We do this together following all rules of change management, accurate and likeable, generous and correct. And if finally, your employees say: „Everything was worse in the past“ we say: “Thank you and goodbye“.

What can we do for you?

We particularly like to solve problems in marketing and communication of companies. Such projects are usually complex – and this is what makes them so exciting and challenging. We are also on the spot if an agency experiences data chaos and misses the customer for the content.


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